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Would you like to get the best out of our gluten-free pasta?

Follow these tips to make the most of the experience
of the gluten-free pasta we produce.

The processes required to produce gluten-free pasta make this product slightly different from conventional pasta. To get the best out of gluten-free pasta and enhance its taste and flavour, it is therefore necessary to use some little tricks.

• Cook the pasta in abundant salted water. Calculate at least 1 litre for every 100g of pasta.


• Once cooking is done, we recommend eliminating excess starch by passing the product under running hot water. Then proceed with the dressing by adjusting the salt.


• Check the cooking times carefully and taste the consistency 1 minute before the end of the time indicated on the packaging.


• Zero waste! Our pasta can be heated and enjoyed the next day too. It also lends itself well to gratin baking in the oven.

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