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Produzione pasta di mais senza glutine

our gluten-free pasta brand

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Magnatera gluten-free pasta.
With conventional and organic flours and ingredients.

Magnatera is our gluten-free pasta brand. We created it by experimenting with different blends, which resulted in particular gluten-free pasta recipes capable of guaranteeing quality, taste and an excellent performance in terms of holding up to cooking. We serve the consumer directly with the specialities of the Magnatera brand, offering pasta based on flours with natural aromas, tasty and colourful mixtures, to rediscover the taste of the tradition of genuine and delicious foods.

We do not use additives, sugars, emulsifiers and dyes. We only use flours that are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic and of clear origin. The flours and ingredients we use can be conventional or organic.

Thus was born gluten-free pasta suitable for people with coeliac disease, people with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, people suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome and people looking for new eating styles geared towards wellness and health.

Magnatera gluten-free pasta represents the evolution of original gluten-free pasta, as it combines its flours (corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa…) with other products of great nutritional nature such as, for example, whole grains, legume flours, spices, algae, essential oils and other ingredients.

It is a fact that nutrition and health are inextricably linked and, for this reason, we have created foods that are useful for our well-being, without sacrificing the gratification of taste. Our goal is to satisfy all palates; whether they are refined, conventional, simple or always looking for new flavours.

Magnatera branded pasta is a healthy alternative, suitable for each of us. It allows to share the simple moments of everyday life with its relatable taste for everyone.

We produce gluten-free pasta for your brand. Contact us for more information.

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