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We create

gluten-free pasta

At Pangea Pasta Factory, we produce gluten-free pasta, putting over 30 years of experience in pasta making to good use. We do this by developing blends that provide the ideal balance between enjoyability and quality.

We make them together with our clients, using flours and fine conventional and organic ingredients, listening to contemporary eating styles and experimenting every day.

Thus was born a gluten-free pasta with excellent and refined flavors, which holds its cooking to perfection and is capable of surprising and satisfying even the most demanding palates.

Private label pasta


our gluten-free pasta

We specialize in producing high-quality gluten-free pasta and offer the ability to create special pasta using a variety of the highest quality ingredients, such as spices, herbs, and legumes.

We develop Private Label pasta on behalf of third-party brands, customizing blends to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Produzione pasta senza glutine

Our gluten-free pasta blends,
With conventional and organic flours and ingredients

All our blends are born from accumulated experience and a passion for innovation.

Legume pasta

Buckwheat pasta

Rice pasta

Corn pasta

Oat pasta

Quinoa Pasta

Hemp pasta

Pasta with chestnut flour

We produce gluten-free pasta for your brand. Contact us for more information.

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