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Pastificio Pangea: Gluten-free success story

Pastificio Pangea was founded in 2009 thanks to the ingenuity and passion of Giovanni Salvalaggio. The company’s main goal was to create a showroom for its SARP company, which specializes in the design and construction of pasta machines and thermal processes on food.

Initially, production took place on a small scale in an artisan workshop. However, the excellent quality of gluten-free pasta produced, especially made by natural and artisanal methods, quickly attracted the interest of both local restaurants and individuals.

The startup’s focus soon became research and development, with the goal of producing quality pasta suitable for all needs, using only natural ingredients and no additives, emulsifiers or colorants. The pasta is bronze drawn and slowly dried, following Italian tradition.

The result is “FREE FROM” (allergen-free) pasta with a wide range of colors and flavors, ideal to satisfy every palate. The production process is constantly optimized and monitored, thus enabling the creation and development of customized products.

The flagship of Pastificio Pangea’s production is the long pasta, created as in the old days, rolled out on reed, dried gently and packaged by hand while maintaining the curve.

Over the years, Pangea has developed numerous custom designs, including lasagna of various sizes and doughs such as corn and rice, 100% rice, 100% red lentils, and 100% brown rice.

Continuous innovation and specialization has led Pangea to win several international awards at industry trade shows, including Anuga 2019, PLMA 2022, and Freefrom expo 2021 and 2022.

Pangea also launched its Magnatera line of corporate products, which reflects the company’s food philosophy and meets a wide range of needs in terms of taste, texture, functionality and nutritional requirements. The Magnatera line is notified to the Italian Ministry of Health among the gluten-free products that can be purchased with a pharmacy voucher and has recently undergone a complete redesign.

Explore the world of Pastificio Pangea, the benchmark for lovers of quality gluten-free pasta, and be won over by the myriad flavors and colors of our artisanal production.

Our certifications

The choice of quality begins with the careful selection of Italian raw materials and continues with constant research into production. We work with continuous attention to certification requirements and customer service.

In total compliance with health regulations, our products and production are always controlled with timely safety checks for total assurance in product consumption.

Ministerial Authorization

Decree Law No. 111 dated 27.1.92 stipulates that the production and packaging (Art. 10) of the products must be carried out in establishments authorized by the Ministry of Health. Products are subject to “label notification” (Art. 7). Only foods produced in licensed establishments and subject to label notification may be labeled “dietetic” (Art. 4). All products with this mark have received such authorization from the Ministry.

In total compliance with food regulations, Pangea subjects its products to strict and timely safety checks to ensure total assurance in the consumption of its products.

Organic Certification

A third party body continuously checks and tests in our products in order to certify their ORGANIC quality.

Kosher Certification

We have obtained Kosher certification, to make sure that our pasta can also meet the requirements for this certification.

Vegan Life

All our products are also suitable for vegan diets, as they are produced without eggs and yeast.


FDA certification states that Pangea is registered with U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

We produce gluten-free pasta for your brand. Contact us for more information.

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