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About us

Our mission

Co-creating a gluten-free and tailor-made pasta that convinces thanks to its extraordinary taste and quality. Fully respecting the diversity of today's society, we develop flavours rooted in the experience of over thirty years and perfected every day. We design exclusive blends together with those who choose to collaborate with us, we taste them and modify them. We are not satisfied with the good, but we want to achieve the best. Using only fine and personally selected ingredients. Pure, because the product of nature does not require emulsifiers and other types of additives. This is how we manage to create a beloved pasta with a unique taste and that perfectly holds up to cooking.

Our vision

Making our knowledge in pasta production and our passion for experimentation available to Italian and international brands. We continually want to challenge and raise the bar of excellence to be pioneers in the gluten-free sector.

Our values

We believe in naturalness.

We see it as the true soul of mother earth, of what derives from it and of ourselves. We want to promote it, choosing without exception ingredients of the highest quality without additives and creating a pasta as varied as today’s world.

We believe in curiosity.

In the richness hidden in diversity, in its yet-to-be-discovered facets. That by never ceasing to be curious, everyone can contribute to a more open society. We do it through what we do best: a conventional or organic, functional or balanced, original or creative pasta.

We believe in courage.

We say yes to our Venetian origins, to the tradition that has taught us our craftsmanship and the creation of pasta that perfectly holds up to cooking. With this security and curiosity in our pocket, we feel ready to face the most complex challenges with our partners.


The choice of quality begins with the careful selection of Italian raw materials and it goes on with the constant research in production.
We work with great and continuous attention to certification requirements and the aim to serve our customers.
In full compliance with health regulations, our products and our production are monitored through punctual safety controls in order to offer a total guarantee during consumption.

Ministerial Authorisation

In full compliance with food regulations, Pangea subjects its products to strict and punctual safety controls in order to offer a total guarantee during consumption.

Pangea is able to avail itself of the words “GLUTEN FREE” as it has obtained the Ministry of Health Certification for Gluten Free.

Organic Certification

A third party continuously checks and tests our products to be able to certify their organic quality.

Kosher Certification

We have obtained the Kosher certification to ensure that our pasta also meets the requirements for this accreditation.

Vegan Life

All our products are also suitable for vegan diets, as our pasta is produced without using eggs and yeast.


The FDA certification states that Pangea is registered at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.