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Pasta salvia e timo

Pasta with sage and thyme

A strong-tasting pasta made by adding ONLY exclusive and fine ingredients to the dough without the use of flavorings. The fragrance of this pasta equals its flavor. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and the dressing is done.


From the Latin “Salvus” meaning “Healthy,” this ingredient has important nutritional characteristics. Rich in Vitamin B and C1 and important constituents, its health properties range from anti-inflammatory, to balsamic abilities. Aids in digestion, as an expectorant and still in skin care.


The antiseptic and antispasmodic virtues of thyme have been known since ancient times. This plant is shown to be effective against infection and inflammation and is an excellent cough remedy. With its properties, it is a natural disinfectant that is also very effective topically.


67% yellow cornmeal, 30% rice flour, 1.5% sage, 1.5% thyme


short pasta / long pasta


250g/400g/500g, 4 or 5kg packs for HORECA | TMC 24 months

Packaging available:

neutral film / preformed bag / carton box