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We produce our gluten-free pasta as a private label on behalf of many brands in the food industry.

When we work on behalf of third party brands, developing and producing gluten-free pasta as a private label, we are able to create customised blends based on the customer’s needs. Therefore we not only develop the original gluten-free pasta, made of corn and rice, but also special pastas, created with high quality ingredients such as spices, aromatic herbs, legumes. The flours and ingredients we use can be conventional or organic.

In doing so, we focus on the taste and the quality of the final result, but also on the market needs and on the range of products that the customer wishes to develop. For these reasons, we look for the best ingredients to be sure to offer our customers a tasty, enjoyable gluten-free pasta, capable of holding up the cooking perfectly.

The exclusive use of the best flours, water and slow drying ensures authenticity, digestibility and lightness and allows us to obtain a product without additives. Moreover, thanks to the bronze dies, the surface of our pasta is porous, a feature that makes it suitable for any sauce.

A joint effort that ensures that our private label pasta is 100% natural, because it is free of additives, dyes, preservatives, thickeners, allergens, yeasts, emulsifiers and GMOs. A pasta obtained with great care in production, comparable to the one needed for artisanal pasta.

Our experience and the desire to experiment every day allow us to respond to the needs of contemporary eating styles, making organic, vegan and kosher gluten-free pasta.

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All our blends can be customised according to your needs. Choose the flour to use, add the ingredients you want, create your packaging. The result is our gluten-free pasta with your brand!

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