The pasta factory Pangea is the ideal partner for the development of your private label in this market and contributes to the achievement of your goals (new line of products, distributor’s brand), thanks to a production of gluten-free pasta of high quality and with a total assistance service.
Here is some samples of how we place side by side to the most common types of gluten-free flours also some functional cereals to realize:

  • corn pasta
  • rice pasta
  • corn and rice pasta
  • white corn pasta
  • rice and quinoa pasta
  • corn and buckwheat

All of these recipes can be produced with the addition of dried gluten-free natural ingredients (eg: radicchio, mushrooms or thyme and sage). We combine in an original way all the gluten-free cereals to offer and support a new concept of functional food in wide spread, without forgetting the taste.
Pangea provides an appropriate packaging to containing 4 kg of long or short pasta.