The attention of consumers is more and more directed towards a healthy life style with healthy food, choices that can contribute to the psycho-physical sharpening and to reduce the risk of onset of diseases.
Eat properly: a twofold objective
It covers the energy needs of macro and micronutrients and it prevents/reduces the occurrence of some diseases, that have become more frequent due to the adoption of dietary patterns high in calories and low in fiber.
Food science and food technology have identified a new class of innovative food products which, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can make a contribution concrete to health and well- being: the “functional foods.”
Functional food, to be defined as such, must be consumed as part of a normal diet and have a beneficial effect on one or more functions of the body, to improve the taste of health and well-being and/or reduce the risk of disease.
The creation of these elements is also based on the evolution of food (pasta, bread, baked goods, etc…), that meet the functional raw materials, food and consumer needs (eg functional can be a natural whole food; or a traditional product evolved into specific aspects, such as nutritional value and shelf life).